Dye-Chemical Weighing and Dosing Automations

While dealing with sectoral solutions, which also continues to observe what is needed in the sector, Argetek has developed systems related to fully automatic chemical, salt and soda dosing automation and paint dissolving unit, which it has introduced to the market under the name "AutoMission". Then, for those who are looking for a simpler but at the same time reliable system at more reasonable prices, it has developed and added semi-automatic and barcode supported dye-chemical weighing systems, which it calls "TartMission", to its product portfolio.

– Yarı/Tam otomatik boya mutfağı

– Kimyasal otomasyonu

– Tuz-Soda otomasyonu

– Boya çözme – dağıtım otomasyonu


Argetek, founded in 1999, is a software and engineering company operating in the fields of textile, chemistry and paint.