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Color Measurement Systems

C-tex color makes automatic lotting of all your fabric balls according to the color differences that occur in the lot. With C-tex colour, we can see the color maps for each lots separately.

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Konıca Mınolta
Benchtop and Portable Spectrophotometers

The world's first color and gloss measurement desktop spectrophotometer with horizontal or vertical usage feature designed to meet the color measurement needs of R&D and production users.

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Automatic Pipetting Machine

Equipped with two robots, super high-speed motor and driver, fast pipetting, maintenance-free, can be dispensed directly into various staining crucibles without any other tools.

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Sales with the best price guarantee and professional support that you can meet your needs in areas such as color measuring devices, recipe software, color control systems.


On-site installation support is provided for the products sold, and the compatibility tests, analyzes and similar processes of the devices are closely followed.


Technical training support is provided by expert teams in order to obtain the best efficiency from the devices.


Konica Minolta

Desktop & Portable Spectrophotometers

It is a versatile benchtop spectrophotometer designed to meet the color measurement needs of R&D and production users. The machine provides precise color data on solid and liquid samples of all varieties; it can even measure turbidity.


C-tex Colour control system monitors the color along the length of the fabric as well as controls the color from 3 points along its width. It can be used in quality control machines or any continuous process machine.


We aim to provide color consistency with color fastening and mathematical calculation methods for various fiber types, textile structures and coloring techniques.


Color Measurement Systems


ColorMission Plus

ColorMission, kalite kontrol, reçete hesaplama ve arşivleme yazılımıdır. Reçete alma ve formülasyon yazılımı olup, otomatik Reçete hesaplama özelliği, laboratuvar için düzeltme reçetesi hesaplama özelliği, İşletme için ilave / tamir reçetesi hesaplama özelliği, el ile reçete düzenleme ekranı, “Smart Recipe” özelliği, sınırsız Arşivleme, arşivden renk yada reçete taraması yapabilme, el ile ile arşive reçete kaydı yapabilme özelliği gibi bir çok özellik mevcuttur.

Color Mission Basic

ColorMission Basic is quality control and archiving software. It has features such as unlimited archiving, scanning for color or recipe from the archive, recording the recipe manually to the archive, and scanning DE for the newly entered color on all colors in the archive.


Textile printing Pigment recipe calculation, archiving and quality control software, opening and monitoring studies for all pigments / dyestuffs, calculation of recipes for all colors in the color chart / pantone, quality controls for all recipes created, archiving measured colors by filing separately, It is our program that produces solutions in many areas such as customer-specific software.

Argetek, founded in 1999, is a software and engineering company operating in the fields of textile, chemistry and paint.